After year 2000, AURA restarted with some new members, but the sound is still the same. Symphonic great Music inspired by the legends such as Pink Floyd and The Beatles. The members today are Lennie Andrews, Magnus Ekman, Paul Munin and Tommy Pettersson. We have released seven albums and one singel and our music can be found on Spotify,

I-tunes, Youtube and other major social networks. And of course as real CD-s.

The history of the band : AURA is a progressive symphonic Rockband from Sweden. First record was the single The Puppet / The faces got blood in their eyes (1980). And later came the album "Miljösagan Lunden" (1983) and "Dalen" (1984). The Rockmusical DALEN was on a swedish tour 1984-1987 and was seen by more than 100 000 people. Then they made the musical "GRÄNSEN" in Studio Bohus (Kungälv, Sweden). Members from that time was Lennie Andrews, Urban Wingård, Tommy Mattsson and Tony Borg (Alien) and lots of other musicans and actors.

Albums released are:


IMAGINATIONS (2020), REINCARNATIONS (2021) and HALLUCINATIONS (2023) The next album will be COMMUNICATIONS (2024....)