Latest news and updates - 12 jun. 2002

- Alot of stuff has happened and the AURA is still standing firm on the ground and strong as never before. We would like first of all with this update to express gratitude to Conny, our now already former crew member and old bass player in AURA.

- Mr. Conny Engelund thank you for your kindness, skills on your tool and everything that you have done for uss for the ages that you have spent in AURA. May your adventures continue and your skills flourish for many more decades and we wish you all the best buddy! With your music you make the world we live in a better place!!

Now back to the good stuff!

- c19 insanity has passed by and that issue is taken of our back and we hope that the reasons for AURA's song "Pfizzer the saviour" will remain and stay in history's books. The AURA maschine factory is running with full power and we are already recording first tracks and clearing our way for AURA's next album with the name HALUCINATIONS!

And the last but not least:

we wish to welcome our new bassguitar player P.P. alias Pål Munin to the band! Great guy and unique soul with skilled fingers and powerfull attitude on the bassguitar!

Welcome once more Pavel and consider yourself at home, hope that you will enjoy it in our weird, excentric, fun and skilled crew!!

- And with the vaccation being over we were finaly back in the Lennie's house of dreams creating some magic and rehearsing the new songs from our latest release REINCARNATIONS for the upcoming public appearance at Ti Amo restaurant in Stenungssund.

We have to do a minor correction with the date for the upcoming show which is on 25th of the next month (feb.2022) instead of the 26th as the last update states, so our next public appearance is on the 25th february 2022 at 20:00!

At Ti Amo will be celebrating some birthdays of our crew and the release of our new album REINCARNATIONS!

Stay tuned, see you at 25th next month & Godspeed!

Latest news and updates - 12 jan. 2002

Latest news and updates - Nov. 08 2021

- New AURA video for the song "Gone Home" and the album "REACTIONS" released year 2019